Vervain Ritual Care

high priestess soak

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“get to know yourself a little better with this performative and life changing experience” *made to order only under the full moon*

*scent profile// heady & holy // STRONG// smells like myrrh & frankincense 

directions: Apply to hot bath water & soak for as long as needed.

sm: 2 baths // med: 4 baths//   

*do not use more than once a month


featured ingredients:

mugwort : can fade bruises & skin irritation// opens the mind// protects the soul during astral projection// purifies the spirit

orris root powder: unburies important information from the subconscious// excellent for divination// helps promote love and acceptance

myrrh: a sacred goddess plant// purifies & blesses the soul // enhances vibrations// expands wisdom 

full ingredient list: pink himalayan sea salt, , french clay, baking soda, dried mugwort, myrrh extract, frankincense oil, orris root powder, vetiver oil, vervain extract, amethyst

*do not use if you do not like strong herbal scents


*all sizes contain a small piece of amethyst 

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