Our Lore

Vervain is a small batch handmade and organic self care company who specializes in therapeutic bath salts and balms. Blending mysticism with highly functional and high quality ingredients takes natural healing and care to a whole new level. 

I created this company because I know there are so many folks out there who suffer from chronic pain. After feeling frustrated with pain killers and heating pads due to severe pelvic cramping and lower back pain, I started researching the power of essential oils, salts and clays. I believe combining the right amount of ingredients and infusing them with good will and sympathetic magick can help one take back the lack of control they feel due to an illness. Taking time out of your day to treat your body like a temple really can make a difference. Ritualizing your self care routine can help you focus on healing and moving forward. 

Vervain was an ancient plant used by Druids to purify, generate love, enchant, protect and boost divination abilities. All body care products contain this herb to help you reconnect with nature.

Some products are specifically designed to help heavy duty pain with the use of concentrated essential oils, powders, epsom salts and loose herbs.

Some products are specifically designed for mental health and well being. 

Some products are specifically designed for ritual and channeling .

All salts in the medium and large size come with curated stones that you soak in the water with you (carefully). 

All products are cruelty free and vegan.